What is financial wellbeing?

Financial wellbeing is feeling as though you have enough money to meet your needs. It’s a sense of security. Increasing your consciousness around financial choices on a daily basis can help you to achieve financial freedom – a freedom that allows you to live life to the full today and achieve more in your working life by alleviating the stress and worries of financial pressures.

The Business Impact of Poor Financial Wellbeing

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By removing the stigma and plugging the financial literacy gap, you’ll not only benefit your employees but your business too - and it’s easier than you might think.

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The benefits of good financial wellbeing in the workplace. The future of financial wellbeing. Breaking the taboo.

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When it comes to financial wellbeing, prevention is much better than cure. We provide bespoke financial education programmes that help empower your employees to reach their financial goals. Our education-based solution addresses the root causes of poor financial wellbeing by equipping employees with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively manage and plan their finances.

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Educate your employees, impact your business.

The root causes of financial worries/distress are preventable and can be managed better if people are equipped with the knowledge and skills that allow them to make informed decisions from the outset. Morrinson Wealth Wellbeing supports organisations to provide comprehensive, engaging education programmes to their employees - we are also able to work alongside any existing wellbeing arrangements to compliment them. Challenging the status quo, we are helping organisations think differently about their current offering; and driving a positive impact on productivity and engagement through education.